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Most Prague (and Czech) telephone numbers, both landline and mobile (cell), have nine digits. There are no city or area codes, so to call any Czech number, simply dial the unique nine-digit number.

  • To call abroad from the Czech Republic, dial the international access code (00), then the country code, then the area code (minus any initial zero) and the number.
  • To dial the Czech Republic from abroad, dial your country's international access code, then 420 (the Czech Republic country code) and then the unique nine-digit local number.

Mobile Phones

The Czech Republic uses the GSM 900/1800 system, the same system in use around Europe, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. It's not compatible with most mobile phones in North America or Japan (though many mobiles have multiband GSM 1900/900 phones that will work in the Czech Republic). If you have a GSM phone, check with your service provider about using it in the Czech Republic, and beware of calls being routed internationally (very expensive for a 'local' call).

  • If your mobile phone is unlocked, a cheaper and often better option is to buy a prepaid SIM card, available from any mobile-phone shop. Prepaid SIMs allow you to make local calls at cheaper local rates.
  • The three main mobile operators are O2 (www.o2.cz), T-Mobile (www.t-mobile.cz) and Vodafone (www.vodafone.cz). All have service centres scattered around Prague and offer prepaid SIM cards and temporary calling plans at similar price.
  • The situation is more complicated if you plan on using a 'smartphone' like an iPhone or Android device that may not be easily unlocked to accommodate a local SIM card. With these phones, it's best to contact your home provider to consider short-term international calling and data plans appropriate to what you might need.


Local prepaid cards for payphones in the Czech Republic include Smartcall (www.smartcall.cz) and Karta X Plus – you can buy them from hotels, newspaper kiosks and tourist information offices for 300Kč to 1000Kč. To use one, follow the instructions on the card – dial the access number, then the PIN code beneath the scratch-away panel, then the number you want to call (including any international code). Rates from Prague to the UK, US and Australia with Smartcall are around 6.6Kč to 10Kč a minute; the more expensive the card, the better the rate.