Music in Nové Město


Supposedly the biggest music megastore in the Czech Republic, with pretty much everything including Western chart music, classical, jazz, dance and heavy metal, as well as an extensive collection of Czech pop. It al…
Music in Nové Město


There’s a vast selection of secondhand CDs, LPs and videos to browse here, representing a wide range of genres. Czech and Western pop jostle with jazz, blues, heavy metal, country and world music, though with most L…
Music in Vinohrady & Vršovice

Houslařský Ateliér Vávra

Handmade fiddles decorate the interior of this old-fashioned violin workshop where Karel and his assistants beaver away making and repairing these instruments in time-honoured fashion. Even if you are not in search …
Music in Staré Město

Maximum Underground

On the 1st floor in an arcade just off Jílská, this place is stocked with CDs and LPs of indie, punk, hip-hop, techno and other genres. It also has a selection of new and secondhand street and club wear for those se…
Music in Staré Město


Pick up the score for Mozart’s Don Giovanni or Dvořák’s New World Symphony at this eclectic sheet-music shop. Or you might enjoy some popular music favourites – how about '101 Beatles Songs for Buskers'?