Cafe in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Kavárna Co Hledá Jméno

One of the most eye-catching of a slew of industrial-style, hipsterish cafes to open around town in the past couple of years. Light bulbs hanging from cords, mix-and-match chairs, plank flooring and an enormous tree…
Pub in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Lokal Blok

The perfect Prague combination: a raucous pub and a state-of-the-art climbing wall (though presumably you’re supposed to climb before you drink and not vice versa). Most nights there’s a lively crowd, fuelled by Pil…
Pub in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Hospoda U Buldoka

The Bulldog pub has it all: a quiet setting with good beer and decent Czech pub food during the day, while evenings bring out a rowdier vibe (women drink free on Wednesday nights). By night the Bulldog morphs into a…
Cocktail Bar in Smíchov & Vyšehrad


Arguably Smíchov's most upscale watering hole, this classy cocktail bar, with a subdued interior of dark woods and black leather, draws an after-work crowd from the nearby office complexes. There's an inventive cock…
Bar in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Dog’s Bollocks

This classy bar, restaurant and nightspot is not far from the Staropramen Brewery and is a great choice if you’re staying in the area and don’t want to go far for your fun. In spite of the English-friendly name, it …
Cafe in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Cafe Citadela

This relaxed beer garden and cafe is the perfect place to cool off under the trees. You’ll find it just on the edge of the sculpture garden, south of the cathedral. Most come for coffee or beer, but there's also a s…
Cafe in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

V Cafe

This pretty summer terrace may be the nicest place within the Vyšehrad citadel area to relax over a coffee, beer or light meal of grilled sausages.
Bar in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Back Doors

This upmarket cellar/bar/restaurant/club is inspired by similar spaces in New York and Amsterdam (though the subterranean Gothic-cellar look could only be Prague). It offers decent Czech DJs and a relaxed vibe most …
Pub in Smíchov & Vyšehrad


This traditional neighbourhood pub serves unfiltered Pilsner Urquell from large tanks (tankové pivo) to ensure freshness. The pub is bigger than it looks and there’s space for drinking (and eating) on several levels…
Bar in Smíchov & Vyšehrad

Hells Bells

In spite of the glitzy office towers, Smíchov is still a down-and-dirty kind of place, and this Goth-friendly, heavy-metal bar is where the locals let it all hang out. Loud, crowded and fun – the late closing time m…