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Legal Matters

Foreigners in Prague, as elsewhere, are subject to the laws of the host country. While your embassy or consulate is the best stop in any emergency, bear in mind that there are some things it can't do for you, such as getting local laws or regulations waived, investigating a crime, providing legal advice or representation, getting you out of jail and lending you money.

  • A consulate can normally issue emergency passports, contact relatives and friends, advise on how to transfer funds, provide lists of reliable local doctors, lawyers and interpreters, and visit you if you've been arrested or jailed.
  • In the Czech Republic, the legal blood-alcohol level for drivers is 0.0.
  • Cannabis (marijuana) occupies a legal grey area; it's been decriminalised, but it is not technically legal. What that means in practice is that police will rarely hassle you for smoking a joint, but one should always exercise discretion and not smoke indoors.
  • Buying and selling drugs of any kind, including cannabis, is illegal.