Gone are the days when Prague was a cheap destination. The Czech capital now ranks alongside most Western European cities when it comes to the quality, range and price of hotels. Accommodation ranges from cosy, romantic hotels set in historic townhouses to the new generation of modish design hotels and hostels. Book as far in advance as possible (especially during festival season in May, and at Easter and Christmas/New Year).

Room Rates & Seasons

A double room in a midrange hotel in central Prague costs around 4000Kč (€160) in high season; outside the centre, this might fall to about 3000Kč. Top-range hotels cost from 4000Kč up, with the best luxury hotels charging 6000Kč and more. Budget options charge less than 2000Kč for a double room.

Note that some midrange and top-end hotels quote rates in euros. At these hotels you can pay cash in Czech crowns if you like, but the price will depend on the exchange rate on the day you settle the bill.

We provide high-season rates, which generally cover April to June, September and October, and the Christmas/New Year holidays. July and August are midseason, and the rest of the year is low season, when rates can drop by 30% or 40%.

Even high-season rates can be inflated by up to 15% on certain dates, notably at New Year, Easter, during the Prague Spring festival, and at weekends (Thursday to Sunday) in May, June and September.


The cost of a short-term stay in a self-catering apartment is comparable with a midrange hotel room, and can mean you have minimal transport costs, access to cheap local food, and the freedom to come and go as you like. Typical rates for a two-person apartment with a combined living room/bedroom, bathroom, TV and kitchenette range from around 2000Kč per night in the outer suburbs, to around 3500Kč or 4500Kč for an apartment near the Old Town Square.

Need to Know


Booking your accommodation in advance is strongly recommended (especially if you want to stay in or near the centre), and there are dozens of agencies that will help you find a place to stay. The more reliable agencies should be able to find you a bed even if you turn up in peak periods without a booking.


The updated ban on smoking in public places that came into effect in the Czech Republic in 2017 also applies to hotels.