Walking Tour: Discovering the Roots of Prague

  • Start Tábor Gate
  • End Vyšehrad fortress's southern wall
  • Length 2km; two hours

The first entryway into the Vyšehrad fortress, the narrow Tábor Gate, can be found 200m west of the Vyšehrad metro stop. Just beyond it, you’ll find the helpful Špička Information Centre. From here, continue along the road and walk through the larger and more impressive Leopold Gate.

Once inside the fortress proper, bear right to find the Rotunda of St Martin, dating from the 11th century.

Continue along the main path to locate the fortress’s northern ramparts for stunning views out over Prague below.

Retrace your steps and bear right to see the Brick Gate & Casemates. Guided tours here take you inside some of the old mustering chambers in the fortress. These hold a small exhibition on the structure's military history as well as a few original statues that once stood on Charles Bridge.

From the Brick Gate, walk west in the direction of the neo-Gothic New Provosts' Residence. Bear right to reach the fortress’s northwestern corner, which holds the Letní scéna, a small amphitheatre with dramatic views. It's worth coming back in the evening to see a concert or dramatic presentation here.

Trace the fortress’s western wall to reach the Rio’s Vyšehrad restaurant, and then round the bend to see the impressive facade of the Church of Sts Peter & Paul. Take a peek inside to see the energetic interior, complete with early-20th-century frescoes. Just to the left of the church is the entrance to Vyšehrad Cemetery, the final resting place of a host of Czech luminaries from the 19th and 20th centuries.

From the cathedral and cemetery, walk south through an archway to enter a large park. From here, a path leads to the right to the Gothic Cellar, which holds a permanent exhibition on Vyšehrad’s history.

You’ll find more photo ops and dramatic views along the southern wall of the fortress. Trace the southern ramparts to the east, which will eventually loop you back to Leopold Gate and then the metro.