Travellers with Disabilities

The Czech Republic is behind the curve when it comes to catering to the needs of travellers with disabilities. Cobblestones and high curbs present challenging mobility issues, and many older buildings, including hotels and museums, are not wheelchair accessible. The situation is better with newer buildings, and many big-name fast-food restaurants are wheelchair-friendly.

In terms of public transport, Prague and other large cities are slowly making progress on accessibility. Some buses and trams are low riders and, in theory, should accommodate a wheelchair. These services are marked on timetables with a wheelchair symbol. In Prague, a handful of metro stations, including newer stations, are equipped with lifts. Consult the Prague Public Transport Authority website for details.

  • Accessible Travel ( Download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel guide.
  • Czech Blind United Represents the vision-impaired; provides information but no services.
  • Prague Wheelchair Users Organisation works to promote barrier-free architecture and improve the lives of disabled persons. Consult the website for online resources.