Top Choice Steak in Plzeň

Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse

For our money, this may be the best steakhouse in all of the Czech Republic. The meats hail from a nearby farm, where the livestock is raised organically. There are several cuts and sizes on offer; lunch options inc…
Top Choice American in Plzeň

Buffalo Burger Bar

Tuck in to some of the best burgers in the Czech Republic at this American-style diner, with cool timber decor the colour of a well-done steak. Everything is freshly made, from the hand-cooked tortilla chips, zingy …
Czech in Plzeň

Na Spilce

The Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour often ends with a meal (and several more beers, naturally) at this pub, situated within the confines of the brewery itself. The traditional Czech cooking, such as venison stew flavou…
Czech in Plzeň

Na Parkánu

Don't overlook this pleasant pub-restaurant, attached to the Brewery Museum. It may look a bit touristy, but the traditional Czech food is top-rate, and the beer, naturally, could hardly be better. Try to snag a spo…
Czech in Plzeň

Groll Pivovar

If you've come to Plzeň on a beer pilgrimage, then another essential port of call is a beer garden lunch at this spiffy microbrewery. Meals include well-priced steaks and salads but the highlight is the drinks menu:…
Czech in Plzeň

U Mansfelda

Sure, it's a pub – remember you're in Plzeň now – but it's also more refined and has more interesting food than many other places. Try Czech cuisine such as wild boar guláš (spicy meat and potato soup). Downstairs f…
Vegetarian in Plzeň


This casual restaurant specialises in organic and healthy foods, including many vegetarian entrées such as quesadillas with spinach, veggie pastas and burgers made from tempeh.