Food & Drink

Czech Capital

Prague Castle has always been the seat of Czech power, and its host of museums and historic buildings help you chart the course of the country's history for more than a millennium.

Art, Music & Literature

The Czech capital has long been a draw for artists, writers and musicians, from Mozart and Mucha to Kafka and Kokoschka, and their influences on and interactions with the city are recorded in a plethora of museums and art galleries.

Prague's Restaurant Scene

The last few years have seen Prague aspiring to join the premier league of gastronomic destinations, and the latest crop of innovative restaurants, friendly wine bars and fascinating food tours have seen it nudge closer to its goal.





Třeboň Carp

South Bohemia has been famous for its fish farms since the 16th century, and it is still the country's main source of carp, a favourite Czech delicacy. Třeboň's restaurants are an ideal place to try it out.

Český Krumlov Castle

There are enough castles in the Bohemian countryside to keep an enthusiast busy for a lifetime, ranging from Gothic ruins to baroque beauties. But when it's floodlit at night, Český Krumlov is almost certainly the most picturesque castle in the country.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

'Where beer is brewed, life is good' goes the old Czech saying, and it doesn't get much better than in Bohemia, where you can visit world-famous breweries such as Pilsner Urquell where lager was invented in 1842.


Food & Drink



Moravian Wine Country

The southern part of Moravia, near the Austrian border, produces the country's finest wines, and taking a tour of the wineries here is a highlight of any visit.


Little known outside the Czech Republic, this university town is steeped in Moravian culture and tradition, from its gorgeous Gothic and Renaissance architecture, to its many museums and galleries, and an international festival of choral music.


Prague gets all the plaudits for it gorgeous architecture, but the Czech Republic's second city was a hotbed of functionalist and Bauhaus design in the 1920s, a legacy lovingly embodied in the stunning Villa Tugendhat.