Top Choice Architecture in Brno

Vila Tugendhat

Brno had a reputation in the 1920s as a centre for modern architecture in the functionalist and Bauhaus styles. Arguably the finest example is this family villa, designed by modern master Mies van der Rohe in 1930. …
Aquarium in Brno

Bishop's Court

The Bishop's Court Museum houses the largest freshwater aquarium in the country, and has plenty of information on Moravian wildlife, lots of model mushrooms and a sleepy section on the history of money.
Cemetery in Brno

Capuchin Monastery

One of the city's leading attractions is this ghoulish cellar crypt that holds the mummified remains of several city noblemen from the 18th century. Apparently the dry, well-ventilated crypt has the natural ability …
Church in Brno

Cathedral of Sts Peter & Paul

This 14th-century cathedral atop Petrov Hill was originally built on the site of a pagan temple to Venus, and has been reconstructed many times since. The highly decorated 11m-high main altar with figures of Sts Pet…
Gallery in Brno

House of Arts

Holds rotating contemporary art exhibitions, usually focusing on Czech, Moravian and other central European artists. It is open only during shows.
Museum in Brno

Mendel Museum

Gregor Mendel (1822–84), the Augustinian monk whose studies of pea plants and bees at Brno's Abbey of St Thomas established modern genetics, is commemorated here in a series of photographs and displays (with plenty …
Museum in Brno

Moravian Museum

This natural-history and ethnographic museum holds some 6 million pieces and is the country's second-largest. Exhibits straddle the intellectual gulf between extinct life and the medieval village. In a courtyard nex…
Historic Building in Brno

Old Town Hall

Brno's atmospheric Old Town Hall dates from the early 13th century. The tourist office is here, plus oddities including a crocodile hanging from the ceiling (known affectionately as the Brno 'dragon') and a wooden w…
Astronomy in Brno

Brno Observatory & Planetarium

Brno's impressive planetarium will wow kids, though unfortunately most of the shows are in Czech. It may be possible to arrange an English presentation if you contact the staff in advance. Tickets and more informati…
Castle in Brno

Špilberk Castle

Brno's spooky hilltop castle is considered the city's most important landmark. Its history stretches back to the 13th century, when it was home to Moravian margraves and later a fortress. Under the Habsburgs in the …