Top Choice Architecture in Brno

Vila Tugendhat

Brno had a reputation in the 1920s as a centre for modern architecture in the functionalist and Bauhaus styles. Arguably the finest example is this family villa, designed by modern master Mies van der Rohe in 1930. …
Architecture in Nové Město

Prague Main Train Station

What? The railway station is a tourist attraction? Perhaps not all of it, but it's certainly worth heading to the top floor for a look at the newly renovated splendour of the original art-nouveau entrance hall, desi…
Architecture in Prague

Villa Müller

Fans of functionalist architecture will enjoy this masterpiece of domestic design. It was built in 1930 for construction entrepreneur František Müller, and designed by the Viennese architect Adolf Loos, whose clean-…
Architecture in Prague Castle & Hradčany

Great South Tower of St Vitus Cathedral

The cathedral's bell tower was left unfinished in the 15th century; its soaring Gothic lines are capped by a Renaissance gallery added in the late 16th century, and a bulging spire that dates from the 1770s. You can…
Architecture in Nové Město

Dancing Building

The Dancing Building was built in 1996 by architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry. The curved lines of the narrow-waisted glass tower clutched against its more upright and formal partner led to it being christened …
Architecture in Nové Město

Lucerna Palace

The most elegant of Nové Město’s many shopping arcades runs through the art-nouveau Lucerna Palace (1920), between Štěpánská and Vodičkova streets. The complex was designed by Václav Havel (grandfather of the former…
Notable Building in Malá Strana

House of the Two Suns

Following the tourist crowds downhill from Prague Castle via Ke Hradu will bring you to Nerudova, architecturally the most important street in Malá Strana; most of its old Renaissance façades were ‘baroquefied’ in t…
Notable Building in Malá Strana

House of the Golden Horseshoe

The House of the Golden Horseshoe is named after the relief of St Wenceslas above the doorway – his horse was said to be shod with gold.
Notable Building in Malá Strana

Bretfeld Palace

From 1765 Josef of Bretfeld made his Bretfeld Palace a social hotspot, entertaining Mozart and Casanova.
Notable Building in Malá Strana

St John of Nepomuk House

Built in 1566, the St John of Nepomuk house is adorned with the image of one of Bohemia’s patron saints.