Tour description provided by Viator

Experience Prague through the eyes of the local photographer. Learn how to take amazing photographs and be introduced to incredible Eastern Europe scenery.

Prague is one of the gems of Eastern Europe, the picturesque houses of Novy Svet (or New World). Here you can see homes that have architectural details that are not commonly found as well as traverse the empty medieval streets that few tourists know about. From atop the hill you will then wind your way towards Hradcany and then downwards to Mala Strana. Your vantage point here offers another unique view of the rooftops of Prague looking down towards the river. From here your journey goes towards the river along one of Prague's most architecturally stunning streets: Thunovska as well as Zamecke schody - which lie under the castle. Along this route the photographer will show various ways to capture the magic and beauty of these famed cobblestone streets and if time allows you can enter the stunning Vrtovska gardens that offer a delight in photographing opportunities. Your tour will then end at the other side of Charles Bridge, Novotneho Lavka where stunning views of both Charles Bridge as well as Prague Castle (Hradcany) can be found.Some of the things you will learn:how to use light and shadows, colours and forms in a creative way how to use photographic techniques to create your personal vision how to get the best photos in every situation how to be always ready to capture the moment.