Troödos in detail

Flights & getting there

Central Troödos is best reached from Lemesos (via the B8) or Nicosia (via the B9). It can also be accessed from Pitsylia, in the east, and from Pafos in the west, via good but slow, winding roads. On Sunday evenings traffic can be very heavy on all the roads off the mountain, as weekend visitors head home to Nicosia and the coast.

From the square, the road north heads towards the Solea Valley and Nicosia. To the west is the road to Prodromos and the Marathasa Valley. The third approach (and most common) is from the south, which takes in Platres (sometimes Pano Platres on maps), and the krasohoria (wine villages) of the Commandaria region.

Emel buses run from Lemesos to Central Troödos at 9.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday and at 9.30am only on Saturday and Sunday (€1.50,1¼ hours). Buses return at 8.45am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday and 3.30pm only on Saturday and Sunday.

Osel buses run twice daily from Constanza Bastion, Nicosia, to Central Troödos at 5.45am and noon weekdays and 8am and 2pm weekends (€1.50,1½ hours). There is the same frequency of return trips.

Service taxis don’t operate out of Troödos. A standard taxi will take you there, but it can be expensive due to the time it takes to drive up the mountain.