Larnaka & the East shopping

Top Choice Books in Larnaka

Academic & General

Probably the best bookshop on the island. This friendly shop has a huge range of both English- and Greek-language titles, ranging from best-selling novels to classics and philosophy, along with plenty of books on Cy…
Ceramics in Larnaka

Flamma Art Gallery

The unique, colourful and quirky pieces here are the work of local ceramic artist Stravros Stavrou, whose creativity has a slightly whimsical edge. Truly original and beautiful ceramic art.
Ceramics in Larnaka

Emira Pottery

Delicately patterned plates and traditional Cypriot cooking pots are some of the many pieces on offer. You can even try your hand at your own creation.
Ceramics in Larnaka

Studio Ceramics

The pottery here is inspired by ancient and medieval Cypriot art. The Pierides Archaeological Foundation museum replicas are a standout.
Market in Larnaka

Municipal Market

This central market is great for self-caterers, with plenty of stalls piled high with fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables.
Jewellery in Larnaka

Handworks Handmade

Just 50m from Agios Lazaros towards the sea is this eclectic store featuring myriad pendants, stones, anklets, rings and necklaces, made from everything from wood to silver. It's a really well priced shop for gifts …
Ceramics in Larnaka

Fotinis Pottery

Beautiful everyday bowls and plates embellished with pomegranates, a pagan symbol of fertility.