Local SIM cards can be used in European and Australian phones. Other phones must be set to roaming to work, be wary of roaming charges.

There are no area codes as such in Cyprus; they are an integral part of the telephone number.

Telephoning between Northern Cyprus & the Republic

  • If you have a mobile phone from outside Cyprus with global roaming activated, it’s possible to tune into the GSM networks of either side.
  • If you have bought a pay-as-you-go Cypriot card from either side, it will only pick up its own network in Nicosia or North Nicosia. Go any further from the Green Line and you will have to revert to your international card, as roaming is not supported between the two local mobile networks.
  • Text messaging between the North and the South is not possible.

Mobile Phones

If you don't want to purchase a local SIM card, pay-as-you-go mobiles with credit are available from €25.

Republic of Cyprus

In the South, mobile-phone numbers begin with 95, 96 or 97. If you plan to spend any time here, you may want to buy a SIM card for your (unlocked) mobile phone. Check out long-established CYTA (www.cyta.com.cy) for costs and top-up validity periods.

Northern Cyprus

In the North, mobile-phone numbers start with either 0542 (Telsim) or 0533 (Turkcell). To call a local number, you’ll need to dial the full 11-digit number, ie including the Northern Cyprus code of 0392.

Turkcell has good coverage and it costs about 20TL for a pay-as-you-go SIM with enough credit to start you off.