Republic of Cyprus: euro (€)

Northern Cyprus: Turkish lira (TL)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €60

  • Budget hotel room: €25–35
  • Street food (souvlaki, felafel pitta): €2.50–4
  • Bus ticket: €4
  • CTO guided city tours: free

Midrange: €60–120

  • Double room in midrange hotel: €60–70
  • Meze spread for dinner: €15–21
  • Car rental per day: €20–30
  • Admission to top museums and sights: €5

Top End: More than €120

  • Top-end hotel room: €120
  • Fine dining for dinner: €40–60
  • Bottle of wine at restaurant: €17–35
  • Zenobia wreck two-dive scuba package: €84


Overall, haggling is not part of the Cypriot culture, although gentle bartering is common in markets if prices are not marked.


Banks and ATMs are clustered along Ziya Rızkı Caddesi.

Gesfi Money Exchange Opposite the Dome Hotel.

Türk Bankası Near Belediye Meydanı.