The Kyrenia Mountain Trail is an excellent hiking option. It covers 240km in total as it traverses Northern Cyprus west to east, from Koruçam Burnu (Cape Kormakitis) to Zafer Burnu (Cape Apostolos Andreas). You can choose a section that appeals to you, or for serious ramblers, it can constitute one long, amazing trek.

Spring is the best season for hiking, as you’ll get to see a large number of the impressive 1600 plant, 350 bird and 26 reptile species that live in Northern Cyprus. This is prime orchid-spotting time too. Autumn is also ideal for walking.

Unfortunately the North Cyprus Tourism Organisation has stopped producing its brochure on the Kyrenia Mountain Trail and decent maps of hiking trails can be difficult to come by. Check out www.kyreniamountaintrail.org for route-planning information and to buy maps. All sections of the Kyrenia Mountain Trail are marked with green-and-white trail blazes.

Day Hikes

The North Cyprus Tourism Organisation (NCTO) has produced three excellent bilingual (English and German) walking-trail brochures detailing day-hike options in the east Kyrenia Range, west Kyrenia Range and in the Northwest. All come with maps and route instructions, and the trails range from a two-hour stroll to a six-hour hike with steep ascent and descent. You can pick one up for free at any of the tourist information offices.