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Day Trips & Excursions

Great Crete Culinary Off Road Experience

Lets share the feeling. Among many authentic experiences, “Great Crete” family members welcome guests for a food experience at home in the mountains where it all began ...This excursion is a bonus to yourself to meet Crete’s off beaten tracks.What makes us differentiated, is that we offer to a small group of explorers a unique insight into the Cretan culinary world.Experience: Enjoy home-grown and roasted coffee with regional delights. Watch and learn how to prepare a “mystic recipe”. Purchase souvenirs deli produce to take home. Savour a memorable lunch on the mountains within more than 10 courses and experience the true Cretan cuisine. Discover off beaten tracks and exceptional sites, enjoy panoramic views. Take a tour with only six guests on board, as we want to keep it small like a family.
9 hours
Kid Friendly

Accessible Santorini

An ideal private tour for seniors or mobility impaired persons.Visit the highlights of one of the most beautiful islands in the world without having to worry about accessibility issues.We use a mini van equipped with a special ramp that will transport the wheelchair user safely and comfortably to Santorini’s best attractions.Our Tour Leader will accompany you throughout the whole tour and make sure you enjoy this magnificent island in the best possible way. She/he will take you to Santorini’s best spots, where you will experience amazing views without having to climb stairs, be able to reach famous volcanic beaches, or enjoy a meal/drink at an accessible restaurant/cafe.--------------Our van can accommodate one wheelchair user that can board it through a ramp, without having to leave the chair. We can accept more disabled passengers, as long as they use folding wheelchairs.Please let us know in advance the exact number of passengers & the types of wheelchairs they will use.
5 hours
Outdoor Activities

Hiking tour on Kythnos

Starting from the archaeological site of Vryokastro and more specifically from the area of theancient aqueduct, we move uphill passing through a natural herb garden of sage and thyme.At the top of the hill lies the ancient acropolis revealing the marks of the ancient buildings ofKythnos and living in harmony with the stone houses of the last century. Afterwards, wehead south at the ancient port of Kythnos, hooking the cape which ends at Apokrousi beach.Apokrousi is the largest and among the most beautiful beaches of Kythnos. Due to its uniquelocation, the beach is shielded from the wind while offers a fertile soil for seaweeds. Afterproper communication, you may swim at Apokrousi beach. On the way home, we follow ashorter route within a beautiful path where you will be able to smell most Kythnos herbs.
2 hours