Republic of Cyprus

Holidays in the Republic of Cyprus are the same as in Greece, with the addition of Greek Cypriot Day (1 April) and Cyprus Independence Day (1 October). Kids are on holidays in August and over the New Year.

New Year’s Day 1 January

Epiphany 6 January

First Sunday in Lent February

Greek Independence Day 25 March

(Orthodox) Good Friday March/April

(Orthodox) Easter Sunday March/April

Greek Cypriot Day 1 April

Spring Festival/Labour Day 1 May

Kataklysmos June

Feast of the Assumption 15 August

Cyprus Independence Day 1 October

Ohi Day 28 October

Christmas Day 25 December

St Stephen’s Day 26 December

Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus observes Muslim religious holidays. These holidays change each year, since they are calculated by the lunar system. The two major holidays are Kurban Bayramı and Şeker Bayramı, both coming at the end of the month-long Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish) fast. The fast itself is not strictly observed in the North, and restaurants and cafes are open as normal. As in the South, children are on holiday in August and over the New Year.

New Year’s Day 1 January

Peace & Freedom Day 20 July

Victory Day 30 August

Turkish National Day 29 October

Proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 15 November