Travel with Children

Curaçao is an ideal destination for families, as there are sights and activities for kids of all ages. Many resorts, shopping malls and other facilities cater especially to families.

All of the beaches are along the tranquil west coast, which means they are protected from the strongest surf, making them ideal for kids to frolic, swim and build sand castles. The private beaches such as Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel Beach offer some kid-friendly beach activities, including an island of inflatable toys for kids to play on. Also, children as young as five can learn to snorkel, especially in calm, comfortable waters such as these. Playa Grandi is a surefire hit, with practically guaranteed sightings of sea turtles.

When they tire of sun and sand, take your kids to admire the power of the wind and waves at Shete Boka National Park. The Museum Kura Hulanda and the Savonet Museum do not have a lot of flash, but they are both interesting and educational for older children.

Some resorts are adults-only, but most are very family-friendly. Swimming pools are often designed with kids in mind. And most larger resorts offer kids clubs, game rooms and other kinds of programming to keep the little ones busy. Family-style rooms and suites are common, as are kitchenettes.

Many private developments are designed with families in mind, so you'll find that facilities are up to snuff in resorts, shopping malls and the like. The public facilities are a different story. Public restrooms are few and far between and practically nonexistent on public beaches. Changing tables are not common. Willemstad is an old city with narrow streets and some hills. Sidewalks are not always present, making it dangerous to walk with children or push a stroller.