Gardens in Viñales

El Jardín Botanico de las Hermanas Caridad y Carmen Miranda

Just opposite the Servi-Cupet gas station as Cisneros swings north out of town, you'll spot an outlandish, vine-choked gate beckoning you in. This is the entrance to a sprawling garden, work on which began in 1918. …
Farm in Viñales

La Casa del Veguero

To learn about the local tobacco-growing process, stop by just outside Viñales on the south to Pinar del Río at this tobacco plantation and see a fully functional secadero (drying house) in which tobacco leaves are …
Museum in Viñales

Museo Municipal

Positioned halfway down Cisneros, Viñales' pine-lined main street, the Museo Municipal occupies the former home of independence heroine Adela Azcuy (1861–1914) and tracks the local history. Five different guided hik…
Historic Building in Viñales

Casa de la Cultura

On the main square in Viñales, this is one of the town's oldest buildings.
Gallery in Viñales

Art Gallery

A tiny art gallery next to the Casa de la Cultura in Viñales town centre. Worth a stop on a rainy day!
Church in Viñales


This diminutive cream-colored church on the main square has benefited from a recent (by Cuban standards) renovation.