Train Station in Santa Clara

Train Station

The train station is straight up Luis Estévez from Parque Vidal on the north side of town. The ticket office is across the park from the train station. The comparatively luxurious Tren Francés passes through the cit…
Bus in Santa Clara

Intermunicipal Bus Station

The intermunicipal bus station, west of the center via Calle Marta Abreu, has daily buses to Remedios (CUC$1.45), where you can catch a cheaper taxi to the Cayos.
Bus in Santa Clara

Terminal de Ómnibus Nacionales

The Terminal de Ómnibus Nacionales is 2.5km out on the Carretera Central toward Matanzas, 500m north of the Che monument. Víazul buses leave from here.
Airport in Cayerías del Norte

Las Brujas Airport

Las Brujas airport has mainly charter flights to Havana. There's a Servicentro gas station opposite.
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Located at the airport. .
Petrol Station in Santa Clara

Servicentro Oro Negro

Southwest of the center.
Airport in Santa Clara

Abel Santamaría Airport

Bus in Caibarién

Bus & Train station

Gas Station in Caibarién

Servi-Cupet Gas Station

Car Rental in Santa Clara