Villa Clara Province shopping

Cigars in Santa Clara

La Veguita

Sales outlet for Fábrica de Tabacos Constantino Pérez Carrodegua that is staffed by a friendly team of cigar experts. You can also buy cheap rum here, and the bar out the back sells good coffee. It's across the stre…
Arts & Crafts in Remedios

Plaza Isabel II Artesania

Among the usual Che Guevara key rings, this place sells some genuine only-in-Remedios mementos. Of note are the abstract musical instruments and the Parrandas masks made with seashells.
Street in Santa Clara


Calle Independencia between JB Zayas and Maceo is the pedestrianized 'Boulevard' full of shoppers during the day and bar-hoppers at night.
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Plaza La Estrella

Welcome to a Cuban town full of…Canadians. It’s hard to know what to make of this mock colonial village with its imitation Manaca Iznaga tower and phony plaza surrounded by shops, a bowling alley, spa-gymnasium, and…
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Plaza Las Dunas

One of three 'toy town' shopping centers on the Cayos, this one comes complete with fake Spanish galleon, fake lighthouse and fake town square. Granted, it isn't ugly and the shops might come in handy if you've forg…
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Las Terrazas del Atardecer

The newest of the three shopping/entertainment centers on Cayo Santa María, this one has its own beach – the only free public beach left on the island. There's also the obligatory bowling alley, multiple shops and a…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Santa Clara


On Santa Clara's pedestrianized 'Boulevard,' this outlet sells handicrafts and the usual souvenirs, including plenty of the obligatory Che Guevara T-shirts and mugs.
Cigars in Remedios

Tres Reyes

Heavily air-conditioned cigar shop selling Cuba's best smokes along with a selection of other fairly predictable souvenirs.
Books in Santa Clara

Proyecto Atena Pepe Medina

A reasonable book shop in Parque Vidal selling mainly Spanish-language tomes.