Villa Clara Province restaurants

Top Choice Cuban in Santa Clara

Restaurant Florida Center

The Florida has been Santa Clara's best restaurant for at least a decade. The food is as good as the experience. Diners eat in a colonial, plant-festooned, candlelit courtyard full of interesting antiques. Owner Áng…
Cuban in Caibarién

La Taberna

The narrow entrance gives little away, but rather like Dr Who's Tardis, La Taberna is bigger inside than out. Walk in through the narrow bar done out with a buccaneering theme, pass the mini dance floor and stage (d…
Cuban in Santa Clara

El Gobernador

In this new era of competition from independents, state-run eateries have to perform better, and this one does. In a glamorous former state office, furnished in somber colonial splendor and hung with original artwor…
Cuban in Embalse Hanabanilla

Casa del Campesino

Roll up on a boat (there's no road connection) to this traditional wooden abode above Embalse Hanabanilla where the men will be out back cutting down fruit with machetes while the ladies rustle up rice, pork and bea…
Seafood in Cayerías del Norte

Restaurante 'El Bergantín'

The lobster in this Gaviota-run restaurant might not be the cheapest in Cuba, but it's undoubtedly the freshest, courtesy of the on-site lobster nursery; yes, the clawed creatures are literally living within fishing…
Italian in Cayerías del Norte


Santa Clara or Remedios would love a restaurant like this; the all-inclusive crowd have to pay extra for the pleasure of eating here, so generally don't. That's a mistake, as the pizza beats the majority of what's o…
Cuban in Embalse Hanabanilla

Río Negro Restaurant

Deep into the fjord-like lake lies this simple country-style restaurant that also acts as the starting point for most of the area's hikes. Dine under the extravagant thatched roof. From Hotel Hanabanilla, it's only …
Sandwiches in Santa Clara


Perched in a busy corner, this is a simple privately owned cafe aimed mainly at locals. It's a great place for a grilled cheese sandwich and a café bombón (espresso with condensed milk). Service comes with a smile.
International in Cayerías del Norte

Farallón Restaurant

A good bet for a decent meal is the Farallón at Villa las Brujas, perched like a bird's nest overlooking blissful Playa las Salinas. Non-hotel guests can enjoy lunch with use of beach, bathrooms and parking for CUC$…
International in Santa Clara

Restaurante Casona Jover

A long-standing casa particular renter who's decided to give it a go in the culinary sphere, the Jover is encased in a lovely 1867 colonial house with a patio and specializes in honey chicken. Give it a try!