Villa Clara Province entertainment

Top Choice Live Music in Santa Clara

Club Mejunje

Urban graffiti, children's theater, transvestites, old crooners belting out boleros, tourists dancing salsa. You've heard about 'something for everyone,' but this is ridiculous. Welcome to Club Mejunje, set in the r…
Cabaret in Santa Clara

Cabaret Cubanacán

This new but slightly-out-of-town cabaret venue has a late-night disco preceded by a Cuban-style singing and dancing 'show' at weekends. It's one of Santa Cara's suaver nights out.
Classical Music in Santa Clara

Biblioteca José Martí

There are no fixed schedules inside this beautiful classical library in Parque Vidal, but it regularly hosts classical-music concerts. Check the printed schedule on the door.
Cultural Center in Remedios

Centro Cultural las Leyendas

Next door to El Louvre is an ARTex cultural center with music till 1am from Wednesday to Saturday.
Spectator Sport in Santa Clara

Estadio Sandino

From October to April, you can catch baseball games in this stadium east of the center via Calle 9 de Abril. Villa Clara, nicknamed Las Naranjas (the Oranges) for their team strip, are one of Cuba's better baseball …
Live Music in Cayerías del Norte

Jazz Bar

If you get sick of Kyle from Kitchener, Ontario, hogging the karaoke machine, head over to this jazz bar in the Plaza La Estrella shopping center for momentary solace.
Cinema in Santa Clara

Cine Camilo Cienfuegos

Cinema below the Hotel Santa Clara Libre where large-screen English-language films are shown. Check noticeboard for showtimes.
Theater in Remedios

Teatro Rubén M Villena

A block east of the park is an elegant old theater with dance performances, plays and Theater Guiñol for kids. It was being renovated at last visit.