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Top Choice International in Varadero

Varadero 60

Upping the ante considerably in Varadero's new private-restaurant scene is this fine-dining establishment that exudes an aura of refinement not seen since Benny Moré last cleared his throat and shouted ‘Dilo’! Lobst…
Top Choice Live Music in Varadero

Beatles Bar-Restaurant

A roquero’s delight on the edge of Parque Josone, honoring the previously banned Beatles in a bar that evokes the swinging spirit of the decidedly un-Cuban 1960s. Simple food and beer are served but the real draw is…
Top Choice International in Varadero

Salsa Suárez

With possibly the most all-encompassing menu of Varadero's new private restaurants, Salsa Suárez impresses with its salubrious greenery-covered patio and ultra-professional never-miss-a-beat service. Food influences…
Top Choice Cafe in Varadero


The best coffee in Cuba outside Havana is ignored by 99% of Varadero's tourists simply because they don't know about it. The reason: this open-all-hours cafe-bakery is in Santa Marta, the small settlement at the sou…
Top Choice Bar in Varadero

Bar Mirador Casa Blanca

On the top floor of Mansión Xanadú, Bar Mirador Casa Blanca is Varadero's ultimate romantic hangout where happy hour conveniently coincides with sunset cocktails.
Notable Building in Varadero

Mansión Xanadú

Everything east of the small stone water tower (it looks like an old Spanish fort, but was built in the 1930s), next to the Restaurante Mesón del Quijote, once belonged to the Du Pont family. Here the millionaire Am…
Italian in Varadero

Paladar Nonna Tina

Veteran Cuba visitors will remember an era when the word 'pasta' was a euphemism for ‘mush.' But, times have changed and, thanks to inspired new restaurants such as Italian-owned Nonna Tina, the term ‘al dente’ is n…
International in Varadero

Waco's Club

Travelers rate this sequestered-away spot, which was once Varadero's Club Náutico. The restaurant is clearly aiming high with its impressive international menu (nothing as wacko as you might think with a name like t…
Steak in Varadero

Restaurante La Barbacoa

Varadero's best state-run restaurant is a steakhouse that serves ridiculously cheap steak and lobster in an old-world decor (stag's heads, horsey paraphernalia) staffed by very straight-faced waiters.
Park in Varadero

Parque Josone

If you're set on sight-seeing in Varadero, ensconce yourself in this pretty green oasis. These landscaped gardens date back to 1940 and take their name from the former owners, José Fermín Iturrioz y Llaguno and his …