Bikes are an excellent way of getting off the Hicacos Peninsula and discovering a little of the Cuba outside. Rentals are available at most of the all-inclusive resorts, and bikes are usually lent as part of the package. Some casas particulares will be able to rent (or lend) you basic bicycles. Ask around.


Varadero Beach Tour is a handy open-top double-decker tourist bus with 45 hop-on/hop-off stops linking all the resorts and shopping malls along the entire length of the peninsula. It utilizes well-marked stops with route and distance information. Buy tickets on the bus itself.

A gimmicky toy train connects the three large Meliá resorts.

Local buses 47 and 48 run from Calle 64 to Santa Marta, south of Varadero on the Autopista Sur; bus 220 runs from Santa Marta to the far eastern end of the peninsula. There are no fixed schedules. Fares are small change. You can also utilize bus 236 to and from Cárdenas, which runs the length of the peninsula.

Horse Carts

A state-owned horse-and-cart trip around Varadero costs around CUC$10 for a full two-hour tour – plenty of time to see the sights.


Moped rentals are available at most of the all-inclusive resorts. The generic price is CUC$26 per day (plus a CUC$50 deposit).


Metered tourist taxis in Varadero charge a CUC$1 starting fee plus CUC$1 per kilometer (same tariff day and night). Coco-taxis (coquitos or huevitos in Spanish) charge less with no starting fee. A taxi to Cárdenas/Havana (15 minutes/2¼ hours) will be about CUC$20/85 one way. Taxis hang around all the main hotels and the bus station, or you can phone Cuba Taxi.