Dangers & Annoyances

Crime-wise, Varadero's dangers are minimal. Aside from getting drunk at the all-inclusive bar and tripping over your bath mat on the way to the toilet, you haven't got too much to worry about. Watch out for mismatched electrical outlets in hotels. In some rooms, a 110V socket might sit right next to a 220V one. They should be labeled, but aren't always.

Out on the beach, a red flag means no swimming allowed, due to the undertow or some other danger. A blue jellyfish known as the Portuguese man-of-war, most common in summer, can produce a bad reaction if you come in contact with its long tentacles. Wash the stung area with vinegar and seek medical help if the pain becomes intense or you have difficulty breathing. Theft of unguarded shoes, sunglasses and towels is routine along this beach.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Asistur Tourist-oriented emergency assistance in Central Varadero.

Internet Access

Most Varadero hotels have internet access, so buy your internet card at reception or at the Etecsa Telepunto.

There's a wi-fi hotspot on Calle 54.


In Varadero, European visitors can pay for hotels and meals in euros. If you change money at your hotel front desk, you'll sacrifice 1% more than at a bank.

Banco de Ahorro Popular ATM.

Banco de Crédito y Comercio ATM.

Banco Financiero Internacional Money exchange in Plaza América in the Hotel Zone.



Many of the larger Varadero hotels have branch post offices.

Post Office

Tourist Information

Every all-inclusive hotel in Varadero has a tourist-info desk.

Cubatur Reserves hotel rooms nationally; organizes bus transfers to Havana hotels and excursions to Península de Zapata and other destinations. Can act as a general information point, too.

Infotur Main office is next to Hotel Acuazul, but they have a desk in most large resorts.