Trinidad shopping

Crafts in Trinidad

Arts & Crafts Market

This open-air market in front of the Casa de la Trova is the place to buy souvenirs, especially textiles and crochet work. Avoid buying black coral or turtle-shell items, made from endangered species. They are forbi…
Ceramics in Trinidad

Taller Alfarero

Trinidad is known for its pottery. In this large factory, teams of workers make trademark Trinidad ceramics from local clay using a traditional potter's wheel. You can watch them at work and buy the finished product…
Cigars in Trinidad

Casa del Habano

Dodge the street hustlers and satisfy your alcoholic (rum) and tobacco vices here.
Art in Trinidad

Galería La Paulet

Interesting selection of probing, mainly abstract art by local artists.
Crafts in Trinidad

Tienda Amelia Peláez

Just down from Plaza Mayor, this government store has a good selection of Cuban handicrafts and regular souvenirs.
Musical Instruments in Trinidad

Taller Instrumentos Musicales

Musical instruments are made here and sold in the adjacent shop.