Cuban in Trinidad


With a prime location on the cobblestone plaza, this elegant restaurant serves well-prepared Cuban fare. It differs from the competition with specialty flavors – spicy criollo tomato sauce, meunière and Catalan sauc…
Cuban in Trinidad

Restaurante San José

Word is out on this handsome restaurant serving fresh grilled snapper, sweet-potato fries and frozen limeade. It's among the town's best. Servers weave between gleaming furniture and crowded tables. Come early if yo…
Cuban in Trinidad

Guitarra Mia

Drift a few blocks from the centro histórico and crowds disperse without any measurable drop in food quality. Music is the theme in this interesting nook, never short of a quintet or passing troubadour. From the men…
Cuban in Trinidad

La Ceiba

Set in a back patio under a giant ceiba tree, this upscale cafe specializes in pollo meloso (chicken in honey and lemon sauce). Order Trinidad’s favorite cocktail, the canchánchara (a lemony rum drink), in ceramic c…
Caribbean in Trinidad

Restaurante Plaza Mayor

Trinidad's best government-run restaurant courtesy of its on-again/off-again lunchtime buffet, which ought to fill you up until dinnertime.