Top things to do in Topes de Collantes

Museum in Topes de Collantes

Museo de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo

Believe it or not, Topes de Collantes' monstrous sanatorium once harbored a veritable Louvre of Cuban art, containing works by Cuban masters such as Tomás Sánchez and Rubén Torres Llorca. Raiding the old collection …
Caribbean in Topes de Collantes

Restaurante Mi Retiro

Situated 3km back down the road to Trinidad, Restaurante Mi Retiro does fair-to-middling comida criolla (Creole food) to the sound of the occasional traveling minstrel.
Bar in Topes de Collantes

El Mirador

A simple bar with stunning views halfway up the ascent road between Trinidad and Topes de Collantes.
Cuban in Topes de Collantes

Bar-Restaurante Gran Nena

An ambient setting where Cuban food that's just OK is served (slowly) under a traditional open-sided sitting area. Bananas, papayas, avocados, oranges and peaches all grow abundantly in the adjacent sloping garden a…
Museum in Topes de Collantes

Casa Museo del Café

Coffee has been grown in the Sierra del Escambray for more than two centuries. In this small rustic cafe you can fill in the gaps on its boom-bust history while sipping the aromatic local brew called Cristal Mountai…
Museum in Topes de Collantes

Plaza de las Memorias

Topes' token museum is this quaint little display housed in three small wooden abodes just down from the Casa Museo del Café. It tells the history of the settlement and its resident hotels.