The Southern Military Zone attractions

Cave in The Southern Military Zone

Cueva de Punta del Este

The Cueva de Punta del Este, a national monument 59km southeast of Nueva Gerona, has been called the 'Sistine Chapel' of Caribbean Indian art. Long before the Spanish conquest (experts estimate around AD 800), India…
Farm in Cocodrilo

Sea Turtle Breeding Center

One kilometer west of Cocodrilo, the breeding center does an excellent job in conserving one of Cuba's rarest and most endangered species. Rows of green-stained glass tanks teem with all sizes of turtles. The turtle…
Beach in The Southern Military Zone

Playa Larga

Playa Larga is the star of La Isla's south-coast beaches, lying about 12km south of the village of Cayo Piedra. The long strip of white sand fronting a (usually) calm sea is clean, inviting and practically virgin. T…