South of Nueva Gerona attractions

Beach in South of Nueva Gerona

Punta Francés

This beach is the location of the National Maritime Park, accessible by a 90-minute boat ride from the marina just south of Hotel Colony. The white-sand beach is ground zero for divers who head for the reefs just of…
Crocodile Farm in South of Nueva Gerona

Criadero Cocodrilo

This farm has played an important part in crocodile conservation in Cuba over the last few years and the results are interesting to see. Harboring more than 500 crocodiles of all shapes and sizes, the criadero (hatc…
Gardens in South of Nueva Gerona

La Jungla de Jones

Situated 6km west of La Fe several kilometers off the main road (look for the sign), Jungla de Jones is a 'botanical garden' containing more than 80 tree varieties, established by two American botanists, Helen and H…