Shopping Center in Centro Habana

Plaza Carlos III

After Plaza América in Varadero, this is probably Cuba's flashiest shopping mall – and there's barely a tourist in sight. The place has taken a step up in recent years – once empty shelves are now full with consumer…
Shopping Center in Vedado

Galerías de Paseo

Across the street from the Hotel Meliá Cohiba, this supposedly upscale shopping center was getting an overdue upgrade at the time of research. It sells well-made clothes and other consumer items to tourists and affl…
Shopping Center in Cayo Coco

Plaza Los Flamencos

New shopping plaza just outside the entrance to the Meliá Jardines del Rey with souvenir and clothes shops, a bowling alley and a spa open to all comers.
Shopping Center in Playa & Marianao

La Puntilla

A 15-year-old shopping center spread over four floors at the Vedado end of Miramar; it's fairly comprehensive by Cuban standards.
Shopping Center in Playa & Marianao

Miramar Trade Center

Cuba's largest and most modern shopping and business center houses myriad stores, airline offices and embassies.
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Plaza La Estrella

Welcome to a Cuban town full of…Canadians. It’s hard to know what to make of this mock colonial village with its imitation Manaca Iznaga tower and phony plaza surrounded by shops, a bowling alley, spa-gymnasium, and…
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Plaza Las Dunas

One of three 'toy town' shopping centers on the Cayos, this one comes complete with fake Spanish galleon, fake lighthouse and fake town square. Granted, it isn't ugly and the shops might come in handy if you've forg…
Shopping Center in Cayerías del Norte

Las Terrazas del Atardecer

The newest of the three shopping/entertainment centers on Cayo Santa María, this one has its own beach – the only free public beach left on the island. There's also the obligatory bowling alley, multiple shops and a…
Shopping Center in Varadero

Plaza América

Built in 1997, but already looking dated, Cuba’s first bona fide shopping mall is one of Varadero’s less-inspired architectural creations, though it serves its purpose. Useful outlets include a pharmacy, bank, a mus…
Shopping Center in Varadero

Centro Comercial Hicacos

Varadero town's modern subterranean mall in Parque de las 8000 Taquillas is small by American standards, but serves the basics including souvenirs, cigars, a spa/gym and a small market.