Top Choice Books in Centro Habana

Memorias Librería

A new shop for beautiful old artifacts, the recently opened Memorias Librería is Havana's first genuine antique bookstore. Delve into its gathered piles and you'll find wonderful rare collectables including old coin…
Shopping Center in Centro Habana

Plaza Carlos III

After Plaza América in Varadero, this is probably Cuba's flashiest shopping mall – and there's barely a tourist in sight. Step in on a Saturday and see the double economy working at a feverish pitch.
Music in Santiago de Cuba

Discoteca Egrem

The definitive Cuban specialist music store; this retail outlet of Egrem Studios has a good selection from local musicians.
Clothing in Santiago de Cuba

La Maison

The Santiago version of the famous Havana fashion house is located in an appropriately grand Vista Alegre maison (house).
Books in Santiago de Cuba

Librería la Escalera

A veritable museum of old and rare books stacked ceiling high. Sombrero-clad trovadores often sit on the stairway and strum.
Arts & Crafts in Nueva Gerona

Centro Experimental de Artes Aplicadas

Centro Experimental de Artes Aplicadas, near the Museo de Historia Natural, makes artistic ceramics.
Books in Matanzas

Ediciones Vigía

Unique handmade books.
Books in Sancti Spíritus

Librería Julio Antonio Mella

Revolutionary (mainly in Spanish) reading material for erudite travelers in a store opposite the post office.
Books in Ciego de Ávila

Libreria Juan A Márquez

Books in Centro Habana

Librería Luis Rogelio Nogueras

Literary magazines and Cuban literature in Spanish at one of Centro's best bookstores.