Top Choice Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Casa de las Tradiciones

The most discovered 'undiscovered' spot in Santiago still retains its smoke-filled, foot-stomping, front-room feel. Hidden in the gentile Tivolí district, some of Santiago de Cuba's most exciting ensembles, singers …
Top Choice Jazz in Santiago de Cuba

Iris Jazz Club

When Santiago gets too hot, noisy and agitated, you need a dose of Iris, one of Cuba's suavest and best jazz clubs where you can sit in a comfy booth surrounded by pictures of puffing jazz greats and watch some incr…
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Casa de la Trova

Santiago's shrine to the power of traditional music is still going strong five decades on, continuing to attract big names such as Buena Vista Social Club singer Eliades Ochoa. Warming up on the ground floor in the …
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Casa de Cultura Josué País García

Grab a seat (or stand in the street) and settle down for whatever this spontaneous place can throw at you: orchestral danzón (ballroom dance), folkloric rumba, lovelorn trovadores (traditional singers) or rhythmic r…
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Patio ARTex

Art lines the walls of this shop-and-club combo that hosts live music both day and night in a quaint inner courtyard; a good bet if the Casa de la Trova is full, or too frenetic.
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Patio los Dos Abuelos

The old-timers label (abuelos means grandparents) carries a certain amount of truth. This relaxed live-music house is a bastion for traditional son sung the old-fashioned way. The musicians are seasoned pros and mos…
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Sala de Conciertos Dolores

You can catch the Sinfónica del Oriente at this former church on Plaza de Dolores, plus the impressive children's choir (at 5pm). The event calendar is posted outside.
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Orfeón Santiago

This classical choir sometimes allows visitors to attend its practice sessions from 9am to 11am Monday to Friday.
Live Music in Santiago de Cuba

Subway Club

Stylish venue with interesting solo acts singing their hearts out to great piano music come nightfall. Good fun.