Bus in Santiago de Cuba

Serrano Intermunicipal Bus Station

Intermittent passenger trucks leave from this station near the train station to Guantánamo and Bayamo throughout the day. Prices are a few pesos, and early mornings are the best time to board. For these destinations…
Train in Santiago de Cuba

Train Station

The modern French-style train station is situated near the rum factory northwest of the center. The Tren Francés leaves every third day for Havana (CUC$50 'especial' or CUC$62 'first class', 16 hours) stopping at Ca…
Bus in Santiago de Cuba

National Bus Station

The National Bus Station is adjacent to the train station, but with a separate entrance on Paseo de Martí. Víazul buses leave from the same station.
Bus in Santiago de Cuba

Conectando Cuba

Long-distance tourist shuttle that stops at 7am in the Hotel Melia. Purchase tickets at Cubanacan.
Ferry in Santiago de Cuba

Ferry Terminal

Regular 80-passenger boats go to El Morro (two hours) at 4pm daily, stopping in Socapa. It's very popular but also weather dependent.
Bus in Santiago de Cuba

Intermunicipal Bus Station

This station, 2km northeast of Parque Céspedes, has two buses a day to El Cobre. Two daily buses also leave for Baconao from here.
Bus in Santiago de Cuba


Cuba's national bus carrier. Purchase tickets here at least a day in advance for popular routes in high season.
Airport in Santiago de Cuba

Antonio Maceo International Airport

Airport Antonio Maceo International is 7km south of Santiago de Cuba, off the Carretera del Morro.
Gas Station in Parque Baconao

Servi-Cupet Gas Station

This Servi-Cupet gas station is 28km southeast of Santiago de Cuba in Parque Baconao.
Airline in Santiago de Cuba


International flights arrive from Santo Domingo, Toronto and Montreal on Cubana.