Top Choice Culture in Santiago de Cuba


One of the largest and most authentic in the Caribbean, Santiago de Cuba's version of Carnaval lets loose with fantastic costumes, food stalls, and music round the clock. The whole city spills out onto the streets t…
Top Choice Cultural in Santiago de Cuba

Fiesta del Fuego

The literal firing up for Carnaval, this early-July celebration includes a ceremony where the devil is burned to the glee of huge crowds on the Malecón.
Cultural in Santiago de Cuba

Fiesta de San Juan

The summer season begins with the Fiesta de San Juan, celebrated with processions and conga dancing by cultural associations called focos culturales.
Music in Santiago de Cuba

Festival Internacional Matamoros Son

A tribute to one of Santiago de Cuba's musical greats, Miguel Matamoros, kicks off in late October with dances, lectures, concerts and workshops. Main venues include the Casa de la Trova and the Teatro José María He…
Music in Santiago de Cuba

Festival Internacional de Coros

The international choir festival in late November brings in some strong international singing groups for some cultural cross-fertilization and spirit-lifting music.
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Ceremonia a las Cimarrones

As part of Santiago's Fiesta del Caribe, there's a Santería religious service at the Monumento al Cimarrón.
Music in Santiago de Cuba

Boleros de Oro

Arrive in mid- to late June for this crooner's extravaganza that is replicated in various cities throughout the country.
Cultural in Santiago de Cuba

Festival del Caribe

Festival of Caribbean culture held in July. Together with the Fiesta del Fuego, it's a warm-up for Carnaval.