Santa Clara Street Names

As in most Cuban cities, the streets have two names. The old names are used colloquially by the people who live there. The new ones are printed on street signs.


New Name

Maestra Nicolasa


New Name

General Roloff


New Name

Serafín García

San Miguel

New Name

Calle 9 de Abril


New Name



Private cabs loiter in front of the Terminal de Ómnibus Nacionales and will offer you lifts to Remedios and Caibarién. A state taxi to the same destinations will cost approximately CUC$30/35 respectively. To get to Cayo Santa María, bank on CUC$70 to CUC$80 one-way. Negotiate prices for return rides with waiting time. Drivers generally congregate in Parque Vidal outside Hotel Santa Clara Libre.

Car & Motorcycle

Cars can be rented from Cubacar, which has offices in town, or Rex, which has an office at the airport.

There's a gas station southwest of the city center.