Top Choice Bar in Santa Clara

La Marquesina

You can chinwag and neck a cold bottled beer with locals of all types in this legendary dive bar under the porches of the equally legendary Teatro la Caridad on the corner of Parque Vidal. The clientele is a potpour…
Cafe in Santa Clara

Cafe-Museo Revolución

You say you want a revolution… Well, Santa Clara's a good place to start. It's already had one, successfully ignited by Che Geuvara in 1958. This new cafe pays homage to Santa Clara's (and Cuba's) revolutionary past…
Bar in Santa Clara

Santa Rosalia

The Santa Rosalia styles itself as a state-run complejo (complex); there's a restaurant, a bar and a music venue on-site. We're recommending it for the latter (although the food isn't bad by state standards, you can…
Bar in Santa Clara

Bar Tope

The rooftop bar in this otherwise mediocre hotel is as high as you can get in the city center – thankfully, after the climb, the gentleman at the bar knows how to mix a mean mojito.
Bar in Santa Clara


Everyone likes to drink at the Europa: it's in prime people-watching territory on the 'Boulevard.' Imbibe your beer from the bottle on the laid-back street-facing terrace.
Club in Santa Clara

El Bar Club Boulevard

This much-talked-about cocktail lounge has live bands and dancing, plus the odd comedy show. It generally gets swinging around 11pm.