Cuban convertibles (CUC$) and Cuban pesos (MN$; moneda nacional).

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CUC$70

  • Casas particulare: CUC$25–35
  • Meal in government-run restaurant: CUC$10–15
  • Museum entry: CUC$1–5

Midrange: CUC $70–140

  • Mid-range hotel: CUC$50–100
  • Meal in paladar (private restaurant): CUC$15–25
  • Víazul bus travel: Havana–Trinidad CUC$25

Top End: More than CUC$140

  • Resort or historic hotel: CUC$200-300
  • Car hire or taxi: CUC$60–70
  • Evening cabaret: CUC$35–60


Cuba’s socialist economy doesn’t have a history of bargaining, though there may be some room for maneuver on prices at private enterprise markets.


Banco Financiero Internacional Has an ATM.

Cadeca On the corner of the main square, this is the best place to change money. Long opening hours.