Playa Pesquero & Around attractions

Top Choice Beach in Playa Pesquero & Around

Playa Pesquero

Of Holguín's three northern resort areas, Playa Pesquero (Fisher's Beach) is the most high-end. There are four tourist colossi here, and the strip has a luxury Caribbean sheen missing elsewhere on the island. Not su…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Playa Pesquero & Around

Bioparque Rocazul

Located just off the link road that joins Playa Turquesa with the other Pesquero resorts, this protected park in Parque Natural Cristóbal Colón offers the usual hand-holding array of outdoor activities under the sup…
Historic Site in Playa Pesquero & Around

Parque Nacional Monumento Bariay

Ten kilometers west of Playa Pesquero and 3km west of Villa Don Lino is Playa Blanca. Columbus landed somewhere near here in 1492. The meeting of two cultures is commemorated with a goofy reenactment and through var…