Playa Jibacoa Area attractions

Bridge in Playa Jibacoa Area

Puente de Bacunayagua

Marking the border between Havana and Matanzas Provinces, this is Cuba’s longest (314m) and highest (103m) bridge. Begun in 1957 and finally opened by Fidel Castro in September 1959, it carries the busy Vía Blanca a…
Landmark in Playa Jibacoa Area

Central Camilo Cienfuegos

Standing disused on a hilltop like a huge rusting iron skeleton, this former sugar mill, 5km south of Santa Cruz del Norte, was one of Cuba’s largest and a testimony to the country’s previous production clout. Opene…
Gardens in Playa Jibacoa Area

Jardines de Hershey

These overgrown gardens, formerly owned by the famous American chocolate tycoon Milton Hershey who ran the nearby sugar mill, are charmingly wild these days, with attractive paths, abundant green foliage and a beaut…