Top things to do

Top Choice Cuban in Pinar del Río

Café Ortuzar

Slurp a coffee in the streetside cafe or gravitate to the elegant air-conditioned, two-floor interior for the city's best eating experience, where abstract pictures of the province's famous guajiros watch on while y…
Cuban in Pinar del Río

Casa del Té La Beisbolera

A pleasant four-table cafe with a baseball theme that's clearly aimed at locals, this place passes the first test (good coffee). For seconds, you can move on down the menu past the eggs, smoothies, tea and burgers a…
Factory in Pinar del Río

Fábrica de Tabacos Francisco Donatien

You can observe people busily rolling some of Pinar's (read: the world's) finest cigars in this factory, which is now tobacco central on the tourist circuit.
Museum in Pinar del Río

Museo de Historia Natural

A mad but magnificent neo-Gothic-meets-Moorish-meets-Hindu-meets-Byzantium mansion built by local doctor and world traveler Francisco Guasch in 1914. Once you've got over the shock of the whimsical exterior (gargoyl…
Live Music in Pinar del Río

Café Pinar

This spot gets the local youth vote and is also the best place to meet other travelers (if there are any around). Situated on a lively stretch of Calle Gerardo Medina, it features bands playing at night on the open …
Gallery in Pinar del Río

Casa Taller

The Plaza de la Independencia is the hub of the art scene. First and foremost, on the northwest side, is the workshop-gallery of renowned Cuban artist Pedro Pablo Oliva. The key point of the gallery is to promote an…
Historic Building in Pinar del Río

Palacio de los Matrimonios

Wow! West on Martí, the grand neoclassical facades give way to the gushingly opulent in the shape of this building dating from 1924, now primarily a wedding venue. That said, the amiable guards will let you look aro…
Historic Building in Pinar del Río

Teatro José Jacinto Milanés

Often included in a set of seven classic 19th-century Cuban provincial theaters, the 540-seat Milanés dates from 1845, making it one of Cuba's oldest. It reopened in 2006 after lengthy renovations and, with its thre…
Spectator Sport in Pinar del Río

Estadio Capitán San Luis Sports

From October to April, exciting baseball games happen at this stadium on the north side of town. Pinar del Río is one of Cuba's best teams, often challenging the Havana–Santiago monopoly (and national champions in 2…
Museum in Pinar del Río

Museo Provincial de Historia

A museum collecting the history of the province from pre-Columbian times to the present, including Enrique Jorrín ephemera (Jorrín was the creator of the cha-cha-chá). It has recently reopened after a renovation.