Top Choice Cuban in Pinar del Río

Café Ortuzar

Slurp a coffee in the streetside cafe or gravitate to the elegant air-conditioned, two-floor interior for the city's best eating experience, where abstract pictures of the province's famous guajiros watch on while y…
Cuban in Pinar del Río

Casa del Té La Beisbolera

A pleasant four-table cafe with a baseball theme that's clearly aimed at locals, this place passes the first test (good coffee). For seconds, you can move on down the menu past the eggs, smoothies, tea and burgers a…
Cuban in Pinar del Río

El Mesón

This rather good private restaurant serves up liberal helpings of simple comida criolla (Creole food), heavy on the rice and beans, with plenty of Cuban company.
Market in Pinar del Río

Mercado Agropecuario

Pinar del Río's colorful open-air market is almost on top of the tracks near the train station. You'll see the odd tour group tramping through here trying to get a grip on Cuban economics.
Cuban in Pinar del Río

El Gallardo

A rather lavish entrance leads back to a more typical ranchón-style main eating area. Great food, particularly the fish, but why the rather grotesque gnomes? Pay in pesos.
Ice Cream in Pinar del Río


A substantial tres gracias (three scoops) at this clean, cheerful place in a small park on the main drag (Martí) is the price of half a teaspoon's worth of Häagen Dazs.
Bakery in Pinar del Río

Panadería Doña Neli

For your daily bread.