Spectator Sport in Pinar del Río

Estadio Capitán San Luis Sports

From October to April, exciting baseball games happen at this stadium on the north side of town. Pinar del Río is one of Cuba's best teams, often challenging the Havana–Santiago monopoly (and national champions in 2…
Live Music in Viñales

Centro Cultural Polo Montañez

Named for the late Pinar del Río resident-turned-guajiro hero and legendary folk singer, Polo Montañez, this open-to-the-elements patio off the main plaza is a bar-restaurant with a full-blown stage that comes alive…
Cultural Center in Pinar del Río

La Piscuala

Peaceful patio alongside the Teatro José Jacinto Milanés. Check the schedule posted outside for nightly cultural activities.
Live Music in Viñales

Patio del Decimista

The ebullient and long-standing Patio del Decimista serves up live music, cold beers, snacks and great cocktails.
Live Music in Pinar del Río

Casa de la Música

After warming up at nearby Café Pinar, many revelers cross the street for more live music here.
Cabaret in Pinar del Río


Reports vary on the nocturnal action at this state-run restaurant and entertainment center on the edge of the city (on the Viñales road). There's so-so food during the day and a rather rugged nighttime disco from Tu…
Cabaret in Pinar del Río

Cabaret Criollo

The musical half of an eponymous restaurant, and rated highly by locals, this nightly cabaret takes place in an enormous open-air patio decorated with rustic motifs (carriage wheels, old farm tools). It has recently…