Amusement Park in Parque Baconao

Valle de la Prehistoria

The oddest in a plethora of bizarre attractions in Parque Baconao, this Cuban Jurassic Park mixes giant Apatosauruses with concrete cavemen and women, no matter that 57 million years separated their existence....

Gallery in Parque Baconao

Comunidad Artística El Verraco

This village of painters, ceramicists and sculptors maintains open studios. Here you can visit the artists and buy original works of art. All it lacks is a good organic cafe.

Lake in Parque Baconao

Laguna Baconao

At Laguna Baconao, 2km northeast of Los Corales, you'll find a restaurant, rowboats for hire and several short lakeside hikes, plus a forlorn-looking zoo with crocodiles and the like. The lake supposedly contains...

Museum in Parque Baconao

Museo Nacional de Transporte Terrestre

Anywhere besides Cuba, this alfresco car museum 2km east of Valle de la Prehistoria would impress. There's Benny Moré's 1958 Cadillac, the Chevrolet Raúl Castro got lost in on the way to Moncada Barracks and...

Park in Parque Baconao

Exposición Mesoamericana

Every Cuban resort area seems to have an attraction replicating indigenous scenes. Here it's the Exposición Mesoamericana, just east of Club Amigo Carisol – Los Corales. Indigenous cave art from Central and South...

Farm in Parque Baconao

Criadero de Cocodrilos

At Laguna Baconao, 2km northeast of Los Corales, you’ll find the Criadero de Cocodrilos, a dozen crocodiles kept in pens below a restaurant, plus other caged animals such as lizards and jutías (tree rats). Horses...