Nueva Gerona restaurants

Top Choice Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante Tu Isla

This rooftop restaurant above the casa particular of the same name serves good Cuban classics with an Italian twist. The decor is nautical and traditional live music gets going most nights.
Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante El Abra

An open-air place on delightful Presa El Abra, 4km southwest of the center, this is where pineros go on weekends to partake in comida criolla (Creole food), spontaneous dancing and water sports. Pork (would you beli…
Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante Toti

Lobster fresh off the grill for CUC$5 and a guitar duo serenading you as you dine? Sound too good to be true? It all happens at Toti, a deliciously modest private restaurant in the Chacón neighborhood up by the Pres…
Seafood in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante Río

A dog-eared establishment by the river which, on a good day, serves fresh fish from the river and the sea (Nueva Gerona is one of the few places in Cuba where you can eat both) in moneda nacional. It has an outside …
Caribbean in Nueva Gerona

El Cochinito

The ominously named ‘little pig’ offers desperados pork concoctions in a smart but disturbing interior decorated with pigs' heads (some appear to be squealing).
Supermarket in Nueva Gerona

Cubalse Supermarket

Sells life-saving Pringles and biscuits.
Market in Nueva Gerona

Mercado Agropecuario

Nueva Gerona's typically scruffy market with fresh vegetables and meat.