Northern Matanzas drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Varadero


The best coffee in Cuba outside Havana is ignored by 99% of Varadero's tourists simply because they don't know about it. The reason: this open-all-hours cafe-bakery is in Santa Marta, the small settlement at the sou…
Top Choice Bar in Varadero

Bar Mirador Casa Blanca

On the top floor of Mansión Xanadú, Bar Mirador Casa Blanca is Varadero's ultimate romantic hangout where happy hour conveniently coincides with sunset cocktails.
Bar in Varadero

La Bodeguita del Medio

Varadero seems to have sprouted a copy of Hemingway's favorite Havana dive bar, aka La Bodeguita del Medio, a cool place where musicians strum on the courtyard and punters add graffiti to the walls inside while sipp…
Bar in Matanzas


What begins as a glam-looking art-supplies shop and exhibition venue leads back into a courtyard reminiscent of bohemian Paris, where artsy culture vultures sit around slurping strong coffee and conversing animatedl…
Coffee in Varadero

La Isabelica Casa del Café

In the Miami-esque Marina Gaviota at the eastern end of the peninsula, you get a Miami-esque cafe. The Isabelica tries to impress Starbucks-starved tourists with its Ikea-like sofas and coffee-growing scenes on the …
Bar in Matanzas

Ruinas de Matasiete

The city's famed drinking hole is a frenetic (too frenetic for some) place housed in the ruins of a 19th-century, bay-facing warehouse. Drinks and grilled meats are served on an open-air terrace, but a better reason…
Bar in Varadero

Calle 62

Set in the transition zone between old and new Varadero, this simple snack bar attracts clientele from both ends. It's good for a cheese sandwich during the day, and the ambience becomes feistier after dark with liv…
Bar in Matanzas

Bistro Kuba

The tables in this cool dinky bar light up to show old city landmarks. Cocktails are incredible, ditto the espresso. If you're peckish there are ham and cheese tasting platters. The crowd's 95% Cuban and there's liv…
Club in Varadero

Palacio de la Rumba

Overall, the most banging night out on the peninsula if you like a drink or six. There's live salsa music at weekends and a good mix of Cubans and tourists. Admission includes your drinks. It's located by the Hotel …
Cafe in Matanzas

Café Mambo Jambo

New dinky little cafe full of antique radios and old album covers that serves strong coffee, frappuccinos and basic snacks. Clientele is a mix of arty students and old ladies fresh from a makeover at the local haird…