Northern Matanzas entertainment

Top Choice Concert Venue in Matanzas

Sala de Conciertos José White

Restoration of this 1876 building abutting Hotel Velazco was completed in 2014 and every inch, flourish and cornicing of its former glory is well worth a lingering look. Fitting for a building that formerly hosted t…
Top Choice Live Music in Varadero

Beatles Bar-Restaurant

A roquero’s delight on the edge of Parque Josone, honoring the previously banned Beatles in a bar that evokes the swinging spirit of the decidedly un-Cuban 1960s. Simple food and beer are served but the real draw is…
Cabaret in Varadero

Cabaret Cueva del Pirata

A kilometer east of the Hotel Sol Elite Palmeras, Cabaret Cueva del Pirata presents scantily clad dancers in a Cuban-style floor show with a buccaneer twist (eye patches, swashbuckling moves). This cabaret is inside…
Live Music in Varadero

Sala de la Música la Marina

A new-ish place at the Marina Gaviota complex that's (obviously) heavy with tourists. Most nights it's a disco with a live DJ. On Saturdays it usually has a live band playing Buena Vista Social Club music. It's plea…
Cabaret in Varadero to Matanzas

Tropicana Matanzas

Capitalizing on its success in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, the famous Tropicana cabaret has a branch 8km east of Matanzas, next to the Hotel Canimao. You can mingle with the Varadero bus crowds and enjoy the same e…
Live Music in Varadero

Casa de la Música

Aping its two popular Havana namesakes, this place has some quality live acts and a definitive Cuban feel. It's in town and attracts a local crowd who pay in pesos. Non-Cubans pay in convertibles.
Spectator Sport in Matanzas

Estadio Victoria de Girón

From October to April, baseball games take place at this stadium, home of beloved local team the Cocodrilos. It's 1km southwest of the market.
Cultural Center in Cárdenas

Casa de la Cultura

Housed in a beautiful but faded colonial building with stained glass and an interior patio with rockers. Search the handwritten advertising posters for rap peñas (performances), theater and literature events.
Cultural Center in Varadero

Centro Cultural Comparsita

An ARTex cultural center on the edge of Varadero town, offering concerts, shows, dancing, karaoke and plenty of local flavor. Check the current schedule taped on the door.
Live Music in Matanzas

Las Palmas

A good starlit night out for a fraction of the price of the Tropicana cabaret just outside town can be had at this ARTex place.